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Everyone needs emotional support at some point in their lives: a bereavement, a change in circumstances, anxiety, depression, and many other issues bring people to counselling. Counselling and psychotherapy provide a helping hand when you are in need of some support. No matter what brings you to a therapy session, counselling can help you take the first steps towards making positive changes in your life.

If you’re feeling sad, anxious, or depressed, if you’re having difficulty managing day to day life you’re overwhelmed by stress - counselling can help you cope with your struggles. Everyone finds their own life difficult at times and that is understandable. Nobody knows what it is like to be you except you. We all need a little support from time to time.

In my counselling and psychotherapy practice, I help my clients understand the underlying causes of their feelings and support them in identifying ways to deal with the issues in their lives. Psychotherapy is a way of dealing with the effects of past trauma on your life now. It is often the case that past traumas are stored up and we only feel the effects later in life. Oftentimes, we are not even aware of how past traumas impact our lives in the present until we begin to assess our thoughts and feelings on a deep level.

I have a degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy and am experienced in dealing with various issues and concerns presented to me by clients. If I cannot help you with your particular issue, I will assist you in finding someone who will be able to help you.

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